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Tradition und passion

The Guntram Wolf firm is located in the city of Kronach, a city over 1000 years old and the birthplace of Lucas Cranach. Kronach is in the dynamic center of the forests of Franconia, in a wonderful landscape, with a picturesque, historic City center, and with the Rosenberg fortress (which has never been conquered) overlooking it.


Through the personal involvement and the experience of Guntram Wolf, also due to his hands-on experience of woodwind instruments, the name of the north Bavarian city of Kronach is linked to the name Guntram Wolf by musicians worldwide.


No other factory has, in the past few years, brought such a fresh approach to the manufacture of woodwind instruments which is usually "set in tradition".

From a small, experimental workshop, in which Guntram Wolf worked alone, a considerable factory has developed, the continuation of which is assured by the entry of his son, Peter into the enterprise. His daughter, Claudia, also works there, installing computer technology for the construction of both the wooden parts and the keywork. The other workers come from the area around Kronach, and learn the various techniques of instrument manufacture at the factory itself