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Models K1 / K2/4 / K2/2 | Models F1 / F2 / F2 A | Models W2 / W2 A

Models K1 · K2/4 · K2/2

(Figures not true to scale!)

The K1 oboe is pitched in F, with no keys. The fingering is similar to the recorder to make it easier for beginners. It is played with standard soft oboe reeds.

The K2/4 oboe is pitched in C with 4 keys (C, Eb, C# top plate, octave key). It has a Viennese bore to help it speak easily. The fingerings are similar to those for recorders or like historical instruments. This instrument is like a classical oboe, and works well for repertoire from the C17/18 and some of the C19. It uses reeds with a longer scrape e.g. Viennese reeds or English horn reeds.

This model is the economic alternative to the K 2/4 model. It is like the K 2/4, but has only 2 keys (C, Eb).

Models F1 / F2 / F2 A

(Figures not true to scale!)

The F1 model is an oboe in French conservatoire system with covered toneholes. The mechanic has been reduced to the essentials. Its excellent playing quality in all registers and its very light weight make it the perfect instrument for beginners.

The F2 model is a standard but very lightweight conservatoire system oboe, with a simplified mechanism (without bell key) adapted to suit smaller hands. It has semi-automatic octaves. The advantages are an easy response – especially in the low register – and a sound that blends well. It is played with standard oboe reeds.

This model is like the F2 with fully automatic octaves.

Models W2 / W2 A

(Figures not true to scale!)

Das Modell W2 A (ohne Abbildung) entspricht dem Modell W 2, jedoch mit Oktav-Automatik.


The W2 model is a Viennese oboe with a French key system and semi-automatic octaves. The Viennese bore, Viennese reeds and lightweight wood give it a special character. It is particularly well-suited to Romantic music from the C19.

The W2A model is like the W2 with fully automatic octaves.

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